Yeshivat TJJ


Perkei Avos – In Judaism we believe that acting like a human being comes before Torah. In this course you will discover God’s morality and how to act like a human being with the code of ethics and morality that is laid out by God through the Rabbis.

Mesilat Yesharim – This course will work through one of the most accredited works of character development in history. When it comes to working on yourself, common sense is not so common. You will learn the step by step process of improving the person you are, how to become more self aware, how to fight laziness etc.

Tznius Modesty 101 – Why is Judaism obsessed with modesty? Find out. The truth is that modesty is so much more than wearing a skirt, so much of it has to do with the part of you that no one sees, the inside. Find out the true definition of Modesty.

Chavos Hatalmidim – This book was written by a man who never made it out of the holocaust but put together this work in hopes that future Jewish teenagers would find it, and we have! It’s a road map for the Jew. Find out what it means to be a Jew and how to achieve a life of purpose and meaning.

Chumash – This is the written Torah. A Jew must be involved in Torah throughout his life, so the Torah was divided into weekly portions to give us structure in our studies. This is your heritage, come learn your Torah and gain weekly insights to the Parsha.

Gemarah – Get Sharp.. learn Talmud. This is the challenge of your lifetime. Learn this classic Jewish Text which is our source in logic and higher level thinking. The action will be fast paced and high energy. Come ready to make your best argument.

Kitzur Shulchan Oruch – I want to grow in my Judaism but what do I do and how do I do it? This is Jewish Law plain and simple. Not so much the why but more of the how. There is a way to act like a Jew in every area of life, this course will help you with that knowledge.