TJJ 2017 Financial Aid Application

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We are looking forward to another amazing summer in Israel with TJJ!  If you need Financial Assistance, please fill out the form below.  Scholarships will be awarded based on criteria from numbers 1-3 below.  Numbers 4-6 below are requirements to being a recipient of Financial Aid.  Once you click Submit, your teen will have the opportunity to fill out the ESSAY portion of the Financial Aid Application.


1) FINANCIAL AID GRANT – Possible scholarship range: $250-$1000. Financial Aid is offered for students who demonstrate a financial need for assistance with TJJ.  Please fill out the form below and provide all supporting documents.  Financial Aid will be allocated buy our Financial Aid Committee in accordance with need and availability.  

2) Merit Based Scholarship – Possible scholarship range: $250-$1000.  The Merit Based Scholarship is awarded to outstanding teens who have demonstrated excellence in leadership and service in NCSY and JSU Clubs.  Please write a paragraph in the space at the bottom of the Financial Aid Form as to why you want to attend TJJ, and include all of your involvement in NCSY.  This should include attendance of JSU, Late n Learns, Shabbatons, Learning Programs, and even one on one chavrusa Learning.  The recipients and scholarship amounts will be announced in the beginning of March 2017.

3) Incentive Based Scholarship – The Incentive Based Scholarship is given based on applicant participation in one or all of the following:

—— 3A. Learn and Earn – $15/hour.   Scholarship dollars can be earned through participation in one of our local Learn and Earn programs.   To find the closest Learn and Earn program to you please contact Shlomo Chammah and/or your local city director.

—— 3B. NCSY Service Hours – $15/hour.  NCSY is an extremely competitive employer!  In fact, we offer $15 NCSY Scholarship Dollars per completed hour of volunteer work you do for our organization (subject to approval by NCSY Staff). We offer a variety of job opportunities, many of which can be done in our office or even in your home! Contact Lillian at to learn more.

—— 3C. Become a Student Leader – We offer a special challenge grant of for you to recruit friends on TJJ.  In order to qualify the student will need to write your name on his or her application as the referring person, needs to be new to NCSY Programming, and will need to be accepted on TJJ.  Our staff is ready willing and able to help you recruit.  Should you choose to arrange a recruiting meeting at your home, or other place we will be glad to come with materials, and staff to help explain TJJ to your network.  Moreover, we will follow up with any parent or student you ask us to.  $300 for the first teen referred, $400 for the second teen referred and $500 for each additional teen referred.  You may submit a form to us letting us know who you referred.  Please fill in this FRIEND REFERRAL FORM.


4) Additional Funding –  (Required)  There are many other sources of Financial Aid.  We expect that you will make every effort to acquire additional funding for your summer with us.  We recommend the following 3 sources however you may use your creativity and imagination to find other sources of aid.

  —— 4A. GO FUND ME – We will help you setup your own personal GoFundMe page to help you raise funds.  Your family and friends would all love to contribute towards this life changing summer experience.  We will also share with you strategies to help you grow your social media campaign, solicit your network, and grow your donor base.

—— 4B. YOUR LOCAL SYNAGOGUE – Reach out to your local Synagogue and ask if they have scholarship money for teens to go to summer camp.  If not, maybe you could be the person that initiates a new program at while it will help you think of all the other teens it could help as well!

—— 4C. YOUR LOCAL FEDERATION – Apply to your local Federation for a Summer Camp Grant.

—————*Federation Contacts:  

—————-Palm Beach Federation: Lottie Nilsen-  

—————-Broward Federation:  Barbara Levin, (954) 252-6970,

—————-Dade Federation: Dahlia Bendavid,; Inbar Cohen

MANDATORY PARTICIPATION:  You are required to participate, WITH NCSY, in your local Federation’s Annual Super Sunday.

5) TJJ Israel Education Seminar(Required) As part of the TJJ experience there will be three (3) Pre-TJJ preparatory sessions. You must commit to attending two out of the three meetings.   Sessions will be located at Young Israel of Hollywood (3291 Stirling Rd, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33312).  Dates and Times will be announced shortly.

6) Active NCSY Participation(Required) By accepting this scholarship you agree to attend 10 of our exciting programs before the summer begins and another 5 upon you return from Israel.  We have some amazing events planned and we are looking forward to seeing you enjoy yourself with old friends and make some new ones.  Please check our website for weekly events in your city like Latte & Learning, JSU Clubs, G.L.A.M (Girls Learning and More) as well as our fantastic weekend conventions, region-wide events and local district programs.

Be sure to see the Teen Essay portion of the Financial Aid Application below.

Please have your teen continue on to the Essay portion of the Financial Aid Application:

2017 TJJ Financial Aid – Teen Essays