Before filling out a scholarship application please read conditions below.


Gap Year scholarships are meant for NCSY/JSU students that are planning to participate in a seminary or yeshiva experience in Israel next scholastic year (one year program.)

2022 GAP YEAR: NCSY REGIONAL Scholarship:  Click Here

2022-2023 GAP YEAR: NATIONAL TORAH FUND* Scholarship: Click Here




SUMMER GENERAL PROGRAMS Scholarship (for everything other than TJJ):

TJJ PARENT Scholarship Application:   Unavailable at this time.  For questions about this application please be in touch with Avi Warman –

TJJ  TEEN ESSAYS for Scholarship:  Unavailable at this time



NOTE:  Southern NCSY Scholarship Opportunities are only available to those applicants who have applied for scholarships to their local federation and other local agencies (see below). 


BROWARD RESIDENTS ONLY: First round application deadlines: January 15th.  Second round applications deadlines: March 15th.  Israel Summer Scholarship Application (for students entering 10th, 11th & 12th grade):

>>>>>>>>>Broward Federation:  Rochelle Baltuch, 954 660 2077 or

BOCA RATON RESIDENTS ONLY:  Application deadlines: January 15th.

>>>>>>>>>Boca Raton: Lottie Nilsen – .   In addition to Federation, Boca Raton Residents may also apply for a scholarship from JFS .  You can find the scholarship application here and you can contact: Shari Cohen, (561)852-3171,


>>>>>>>>>Palm Beach: Samantha Miller   561-242-6608

>>>>>>>>Dade Federation: Dahlia Bendavid –,;       Inbar Cohen –



Additional Funding –  (Required)

There are many other sources of Financial Aid.  We expect that you will make every effort to acquire additional funding for your summer with us.  We recommend the following 4 sources however you may use your creativity and imagination to find other sources of aid.

——–NATIONAL TORAH FUND: National Torah Fund Application

  —— GO FUND ME –  GoFundMe page . Your family and friends would all love to contribute towards this life changing summer experience.  We can also share with you strategies to help you grow your social media campaign, solicit your network, and grow your donor base.

—— YOUR LOCAL SYNAGOGUE – Reach out to your local Synagogue and ask if they have scholarship money for teens to go to summer camp.  If not, maybe you could be the person that initiates a new program at while it will help you think of all the other teens it could help as well!

——  YOUR LOCAL FEDERATION* – Apply to your local Federation for a Summer Camp Grant – see details below.



Southern NCSY is supported by local individuals who wish to invest their charitable funds in Jewish high school students who:
1)  Have been involved in Southern NCSY local or regional Southern NCSY programming for at least one year;
2)  Are seeking to enhance their commitment to Torah learning and Jewish life;
3)  Make a Kiddush Hashem as ambassadors for our region while in Israel;
4)  Inspire those around them to be more involved in Jewish life;
5)  Give of their time and resources to Southern NCSY upon their return.