NEW DATES: July 13 – August 14, 2020

Welcome to Master Class With a Twist, a program that offers a variety skills each with a unique spin. Each of our virtual workshops (via Zoom) offers you the chance to explore an interest area whether you are seeking to learn a new hobby or enhance your current skill set.  

Every workshop will be led by an NCSY staff member, who will blend a mastery of their talents with an added Torah twist.  Classes will take place from July 13 – August 14, 2020 and are exclusively for Jewish teens entering grades 9 though 12 (as well as 2020 high school graduates).  Each workshop will will run for 5 weeks and classes within that workshop will take place once a week. For an added layer of excitement, each participant is required to apply their new skill(s) in three exciting ways:

1. SAY THANKS!  Utilize one (or all) of your new skills to show appreciation for your local healthcare and emergency services workers.

2. GIVE BACK! Utilize one (or all) of your new skills to give back to your community! NCSY can help pair you with opportunities in our communities or you can create your own! Show us how you can use your new found talents to brighten up someone else’s day!

3. CAPTURE THE MOMENT! The Covid pandemic is a historic period in our lives to be captured and remembered for years to come. All participants of Master Class with a Twist will join together to create a video that will document the Summer of 2020 through the many mediums learned through this program.  


Workshop Selections:

Please note: MIX IT UP, Recording and Producing in a Home Studio has been cancelled


Associated Items:
Smaller Ukulele:
Bigger (Tenor) Ukulele:
Larger (Concert) Ukulele:

Refund and Cancellation notice: Classes are prepaid and nonrefundable. Participants are expected to be part of all 5 weeks of each workshop.