Finance Your NCSY Journey

What are Incentive Dollar$?  See Step 3  below.

So you want to go on Winter Regional?

Guess what? We want you to as well!

That’s why we’ve created the following FOUR steps for you to reserve and secure your spot with us!


Don’t forget to Register! Click here to register online.

Please note, a $100 deposit is required to register. You will not be able eligible for a scholarship without making your deposit.

Early Registration Special ends December 30th.

(Incentive Dollar$ – see below –  cannot be used for a deposit)




Before you can receive any scholarship dollars or use any earned hours, you must fill out this scholarship application, before the deadline of

Monday, January 27, 2020.




You may not know this, but there are plenty of ways you can finance your journey with us.  Options A-D are called “Incentive Dollar$”.   (FYI: Scholarship dollars are also considered “Incentive Dollar$). Please note that you will only be able to pay for about half your trip cost in “Incentive Dollar$” A-E. The other half will have to be paid in payments by you or in raffle ticket sales.



The Early Registration Discount

Register before December 30, 2019 and

BAM! $50 immediately melts right off the cost, no questions asked!


Work it Off!

NCSY is an extremely competitive employer. In fact, we offer $15 NCSY Scholarship Dollars per completed hour of volunteer work you do for our

Organization. *Limited availability and subject to approval by NCSY Staff.

Contact Lillian Aharon at to learn more.

Click Here to Register Completed Service Hours.


Learn and Earn

NCSY offers $15 per hour of Torah learning with a staff member.  Contact your city Director to learn the where and when!

 Click Here to see a list of our staff members.


Refer a Friend Discount

Want to drop the price an additional 50 smackaroos? Bring along a high-school aged teen who has NEVER BEFORE attended an NCSY shabbaton and you are in the money!

CLICK HERE to Refer a Friend.



Apply for the Scholarship in Step 2

Fill out the scholarship application mentioned in Step 2 above.  Don’t forget, the deadline is Monday, January 27, 2020.


Sell Raffle Tickets!!

Thanks to the generosity of our donors, every dollar in raffle sales you generate, goes DIRECTLY to your Winter Regional Balance! !

Click Here for complete prize list and rules.

You can get tickets by contacting your City Director or by requesting raffle tickets

Last year, NCSYers like you showed great initiative and determination and were

able to attend Winter Regional for FREE!

Click Here for the link to send to friends and family to sell tickets online

(All of the prizes for this raffle have been generously donated or sponsored by friends of NCSY).



Our goal is to give you the most amazing weekend experience and help you as much as we can.

Please note our cancellation policy and dates for this event:


If you cancel your registration:

By January 20: Can be refunded 100%.


Between January 21 – February 5:

If paid in full:  Can receive 50% cash refund and 50% NCSY credit (OR Full NCSY Credit).

If NOT paid in full:   Can only be eligible for 100% NCSY Credit in actual dollars paid toward event.


Between February 6-13: If cancellation occurs during this time without extenuating circumstances, there will no refund or NCSY credit given.