Yarchei Kallah

To register for Yarchei Kallah please go to:  http://southern.ncsy.org/events/248535/yarchei-kallah


For those taking the group flight:

Program cost is $50

Group flight cost is $150.  Exact flight details will be available soon but we do know it will be leaving Wednesday, January 1  (early morning flight)  and returning Sunday, January 5 (late evening flight).


For those not taking the group flight:

Program cost is $50.

If you would like NCSY to purchase a ticket for you that is outside the dates and times of the group flight than please note that we can accommodate you with a similar price of $150 as long as the flight matches certain conditions.   Parents and guardians will also have to give signed consent for their teens to travel separately from NCSY and meet the group in a timely manner before the program starts.  Please feel free to reach out to Selethel Plotkin at plotkins@ncsy.org or 561-305-3228 for additional details.



  • Personal Information

  • Spots on Yarchei Kallah are very limited. In order to secure a spot, you need to have been nominated by a city director. If you haven’t been nominated please reach out to your city director as soon as possible.




For more information, contact  Selethel Plotkin: plotkins@ncsy.org or 561-305-3228