Women’s Mentorship Initiative

Mission: Together, we will answer the “leadership void” plaguing our community by preparing young women to assume the responsibility of leading their future Jewish communities through experiences, training and direct mentorship by current accomplished and passionate female visionaries.

Brief Summary: Utilizing the abundance of talented female lay leaders currently in the South Florida Jewish Community, the Women’s Mentorship Initiative will provide the next generation of leaders with first hand experience as to what it means to lead the Jewish community. Through a series of skill building activities, such as the “Dor L’Dor Brunch and Speed Learning,” private mentorship sessions, the “Community Needs Game,” a “Ride-Along” field trip and a concluding “Weekend of Reflection,” we will connect those who currently care for our community with those who will inherit the reins in the near future. Macintosh HD:Users:bwexler:Dropbox:001 Gonsher Shared:Best of the Best Pics:1382042_606328079431444_1283464770_n.jpg


  1. Create, empower and actualize a network of current female lay leaders who are proactively engaging in identifying, empowering and guiding the next generation of leaders.

  2. Promote teen leadership through experiential learning opportunities by connecting teens directly with visionaries who will serve as mentors in leadership roles in their communities.

  3. Expose and involve future leaders to local organizations, charities and opportunities in their local Jewish communities.

  4. Directly connect donors and prospects to the NCSYers whose lives they touch, so as to encourage further support of the program, financially and through volunteerism.


Click Here for the  Mentee Matching Survey (Teens)

Click Here for the  Mentor Matching Survey (Adults)