Rabbi Shmuel Barak

- Director, South Palm Beach JSU 561-629-2375


Shmuel was born in North Miami Beach, Florida and started his education in South Florida in the public school system.  Shmuel had a very diverse and interesting upbringing.  Growing up in a non observant family, he saw a great amount of warmth among the Orthodox community, which influenced him to look deeper into Judaism. Eventually, he went to Hebrew Academy of Greater Miami for a formal Jewish education.  After graduation, Shmuel spent many years in Israel at Derech Ohr Somayach where he eventually met his wife, Nacy, who was on vacation in Israel from Cleveland at the time. After being married, they continued to live in Jerusalem for two years before moving to South Florida in July 2016.

Shmuel spent his last four years in Israel as an assistant teacher as well as the Ohr Somayach dorm counselor, spending a tremendous amount of time with teens. His experience in Israel has prepared him for his new position here at Southern NCSY as the South Palm Beach JSU Director.  
Shmuel, Nacy and their one year old son, Aryeh Leib live in Boca Raton, FL and enjoy trying new interesting restaurants, making sure to order the strangest things on the menu!  In his spare time, he loves gaming and extreme sports, like BMX biking, vert, and street skating.
Shmuel hopes to be able to give back to the teens in the same way that he was influenced in his early years. His passion and love for Judaism is contagious.  His ability to relate everyone as well as make them laugh with his quick wit and big smile make him, in a word: awesome!