NCSY Non-Profit Certification and Philanthropy Internship

NCSY’s Philanthropy Internship is a revolutionary approach to training and creating the most effective lay leaders of our future Jewish Communities. It’s a hands on, experiential learning opportunity that puts you in the boardroom with powerful lay leaders from local organizations and provides you with exclusive mentorship to grow into they type of volunteer college organizations and non-profit agencies are looking for. If you ever considered serving on the FIDF, Federation, AIPAC Boards, this Internship will get you there!

This year, we are only accepting 16 high schoolers to participate in this elite internship program (8 from Dade / Broward, and 8 from Palm Beach). And because of limited availability, we have to be extremely selective in our Internship.

Before you fill out an application (link below), please make sure to read the Executive Summary for details as to what exactly you’ll be getting into and as well as glance over last year’s syllabus

Click Here to view the Non Profit Certification Executive Summary.

Click Here  to view the 2017 Non Profit Certification Syllabus.


Click Here to fill out your application, to be considered for this Internship.